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imagesSo the Great Moralist is at it again. Preaching from the pulpit. Urging his distorted, twisted, view on the world. He is shameless.

He is despicable.

He is the man who hijacked a political party, bent it to his own ends and left it bereft of conviction, leadership, vision, credibility, scruples, morals, ideology or courage.

He is the man who knifed a friend in the back and who did it by clambered over a corpse to stake his claim whilst others were in mourning.

He is the man who told lies in office, opened the floodgates of dodgy donations, who destroyed the notion of cabinet government, who ushered in the era of the spin doctor, who started the assault on the public sector, who initially proposed the welfare “reforms” that are causing such pain today and who transformed, forever, politics in the UK into the personality-driven Americana nightmare which gave us Clegg, Cameron, Johnson and Farage.

He is the man who gave false information to Parliament, who commissioned the dodgy dossiers, who got cosy with the American Christian right and promised them their crusade. He led this country to that war on the back of lies and half truths and he was directly responsible for the outpouring of death and destruction that followed.

He has the blood of hundreds of thousands on his grubby hands. He is a murderer. He is a war criminal. It makes me ashamed that he was once leader of the political party I loved. It pains me that he left so much of it in his own image and it appals me that so many within its ranks think of him as a hero. He is not a hero. He is the Thatcher of a new generation. Many will be glad on the day he joins her in Hell. Along with her, he is the one political figure of my lifetime I have wished dead.

I despise Tony Blair and everything he stands for. I despise this creature who travels the world giving moral lessons to the rest of us as he makes excuses for dictators and takes their money to swell his own coffers. There are few more repugnant individuals on the face of the Earth. Even his fellow traveller in his illegal war has had the good grace to keep his head down since leaving office.

How I wish that Blair would do the same. His false piety is nauseating. His sense of superiority reminds us again and again of the need to have him indicted for war crimes, if for no other reason than to see this façade of respectability torn down forever. Like Pinchot before him, this man needs to be the subject of arrest and public disgrace, or we will never move past the awful things he was allowed to do. He needs to be stripped of all notions that he’s a statesman. He needs to be labelled what he really is instead; a slippery thug in a thousand dollar suit, a gangster, a phony, a fraud, a warmonger, a parasite feeding off the chaos he helped to unleash.

He cannot be allowed, and his apologists cannot be allowed, to write the history books as if he was on some kind of moral crusade. Every brutal dictator who ever launched a war believed the same thing, and we call them what they are. He was not Churchill, striving for the freedom of a continent from the brutal yoke of the dictator. This man sits with dictators. He makes excuses for them. He gets up behind the rostrum and tells us we have to live with them, that they are the lesser of two evils, that it’s fundamentalism, Islamic fundamentalism, that’s the real danger.

Yet he is the real danger. He is the real fundamentalist, the Christian kind, the worst kind, on who’s hands are more blood than all the other religions on this Earth. What this man really wants is for the next generation to finish the job he started, to embrace the holy war he helped to launch. In defining one group of radicals as evil, he excuses the excesses of his own side. His agreement with Cameron that this is “a Christian nation” is abhorrent, divisive and it makes him a bigot and it makes him a racist, and it makes him a threat to our multi-cultural way of life.

His defenders are already pouring out onto Twitter and elsewhere, standing by their man, talking up his “achievements” when the world will, rightly, remember him only for one thing. He makes no apology, because he does not care what the world thinks. He expresses no remorse, because the sociopathic personality feels none of that.

His contempt for us all is expressed as clearly in the words he will not use as those ideas and opinions he feels he needs to share, but I would have it no other way, because his false protestations of innocence are enough for me without his adding false expressions of regret to them. It will not wash.

He does not go down in history as a good man, far less the great one he believes himself to be. When he looks in the mirror he sees the warrior for truth, the bringing or justice, a saviour standing in the light. When I look at him I see an author of hate, a bringer of chaos, a monster standing amidst a graveyard of skulls.

It is my fervent hope that one day this man will see the inside of a jail cell. It is my grandest, fondest wish that he will one day be escorted into The Hague, because whatever the eventual verdict, the spotlight of history has to be shone on the crimes done in his name. It is fitting, and just, that this is his legacy, that this is how he is remembered.

Not as Blair the Prime Minister who brought change to Britain, but the soulless charlatan who brought destruction to the Middle East. He is not another Churchill, but another Richard Nixon.

He is, and he will be, now and forever more, unforgiven.

4 comments to “Unforgiven”
  1. All true, apart from forgetting about Thatcher’s creature Bernard Ingham.

    Campbell was a novice compare to old Bernard.

  2. What you are really saying James is that Blair was and is a Tory who disgraced the name of Labour. New Labour was Tory Lite now it has gone so far that the original creation of the Labour party is dead.

    We have Tory or extreme right wing Tory. We have no choice in the UK, lets get out.

  3. I have said many many times before that I always hated Blair, whether it was the smirk which he always wore, that one which always conveyed to me that he was secretly laughing, usually at the most unfortunate time, at us all. He certainly thinks he is working for something but I think it is Tony Blair and his pocket. He destroyed Labour but I have to say with their consent. They wanted power, what they were going to do with was immaterial but they wanted it and when they got it they used it for their enrichment. Not one thing was done for the good of the people they were supposed to represent. No, not even the minimum wage which has turned out to be about the worst thing that happened. It was supposed to take those who were being paid paltry sums out of poverty whilst it is actually pushing more and more into poverty. He was the start of the death of a thousand cuts to the English NHS, and it was him and Gordon that brought in ATOS. We can also blame Labour for the bedroom tax, as usual they brought it in for the Private Sector, never thinking that those who they represent would be affected.
    If there was any justice in the world he would by standing trial with those like Gordon Brown who funded his nasty little wars, at the Hague, instead they are being paid by those Neo Capitalist Liberals they actually worked for.

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