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Rock Bottom

bully-3-537x402Before I start, I want to say that I have no idea if I made the “cybernat dossier” or not.

I doubt it, as it’s supposedly compiled of SNP members and their assorted Tweets.

As I am not a member of the SNP and have rarely (if ever) tweeted to Labour Party blandees (that should be grandees, my mistake) I’ve probably not made the cut.

Never mind. There’ll be others, I’m sure.

Nevertheless, I am absolutely fuming at the pitiful children who make up the ranks of the Labour Party in Scotland at the present time.

Apparently, calling them traitors is one of the things that gets you on The List, and there’s little doubt that some of these people are just that, but it makes me wonder what heights I could scale by saying what I really think of them.

Arseholes. Wankers. Complete fuckwits.

And that’s me moderating my tone.

Because this – Labour in Scotland finally hitting rock bottom in terms of its infantile hate-filled behaviour – comes at a time when David Cameron and George Osborne are ready to tear this country apart with a vicious, despicable, unpardonable assault on what little remains of the social security safety net.

Millions of people, many of whom have little as it is, are going to suffer appalling consequences as a result of the budget that is coming our way.

Yet Labour, the party these spineless, gutless toadies belong to supports the welfare cap.

It is in favour of many of Cameron and Osborne’s “reforms”.

It is no great surprise to find them naval gazing and scouring the gutters at a time like this, but it is shameful all the same.

I mean seriously … thousands of their constituents are about to be thoroughly smashed by the state, for no reason other than already being poor. And this is what Labour in Scotland, fresh from the electoral hiding it richly deserved, is up to in the meantime.

To be playing stupid spiteful games at a time like this … disgusting. Contemptible.

As sure a sign as any that not one vote for Team56 was wasted.

Because these people need to learn, they need to be beaten (metaphorically, don’t piss your pants for God’s sake, those Labourites who’re reading) until their eyeballs bleed, until they finally get it ….

Online bullying, by the way, is a scandal.

It goes on, as we all know.

It occassionally has awful, even deadly, consequences.

This kind of crap betrays the very real suffering of those who endure it, because the notion that people in politics are too thin skinned to take a bit of a slagging is ridiculous. As far as I’m concerned, if you run for office (and in particular if you do it spreading hate, telling lies and stoking fear) then you are public property, like it or not.

That’s one of the trade off’s for the fat expenses account and the access to power.

There are kids out there who are scared to go to school, who suffer abuse the likes of which you can’t imagine.

And our MP’s are squealing like pigs over a bit of stick?

Give me a fucking break, okay?

(I know, by the way, from experience just how pitiful some of the wannabe politicos are. I’ve made at least one prospective Labour candidate cry in the past simply by telling him some home truths and made another storm out of a pub after telling her a couple. She went on to become an MP, and thought she had a job for life until she, and the rest, were routed in the election.)

Writing this, having spent a weekend reflecting on what’s coming in the next seven days, worrying about people I know, and myself if the truth be told (as someone who depends on Working Tax Credits), I am appalled at how distant, how narrow minded, how self-obsessed Labour is at the moment.

In political terms, of course, this can’t really be classed as the last wriggle through the mud.

They won’t hit that measure, fully, until next year when they are absolutely destroyed in the Holyrood elections and in the local councils where they’ve held sway in Scotland for too damned long.

That will be the final hollowing out of their stinking ranks.

That will obliterate them as a political force for the foreseeable future.

No party that behaves in this shabby, disreputable way deserves anything better.

Every time one of their members gets on the high-horse about “hate filled Nats” or “racist Nats” or brings out the old Nazi comparison, they are taking a big long piss on millions of Scottish voters.

It’s as simple as that, and they don’t seem to care.

Even if I wasn’t personally offended by such behaviour, the politico in me would rail against it as the worst strategy ever devised for winning votes.

So yes, although this isn’t quite rock bottom in the sense a reformed drug addict or recovering alcoholic would describe it – a crash so terrible, a disaster so complete, as to be a defining moment from which you only go forward or die – it is difficult to imagine they can be quite this crass, quite this myopic, quite this stupid ever again.

Their credibility as a serious political party was already shot.

Now it’s been dismembered, burned and the ashes scattered.

That Blair McDougall’s name is on this is all the reason Labour members will ever need to cut their membership cards in pieces and send them to John Smith House as a protest against such a walking disaster being employed to hoover much needed funds out of the kitty.

Labour’s contempt for the electorate, and its own ranks, couldn’t be clearer if Jim Murphy had bared his bony arse and farted loudly in every voters face.

If the tone of this article seems a little twisted, a little out of sync, a little off the norm, it’s because Labour’s behaviour is all of those things and more.

This is not how a serious opposition party, with ambitions to power, behaves.

Without politics, without ideology, stripped of its soul and without a clear idea of what it stands for and hampered even so as the whole party waits to find out the result of the only election that matters to them, that of their next leader (the real leader, not the Scottish branch head) Labour has nothing to offer any longer except these kids games.

Even if the Scottish party was capable of charting a clear course through the thickets they’d need to have it approved in London and it’s hard to see how they’d do that without running into a brick wall. It’s a recipe for disaster.

As a consequence, they’d rather our national debate was held in a gutter.

Well, contempt is about the most they deserve if that’s the default position they’re going for.

If the strategy has any merit at all (it doesn’t) it’s in that turning Scottish political discourse into a screaming match results in voters switching off, and the metaphorical “plague on both our houses”, with whoever can crawl across the finish line declared the winner.

But the Scottish people are way too smart and sophisticated for that now.

The very idea that politics can still be done that way here insults our intelligence.

Lately, it’s become apparent that Gutterball is the only game Labour in Scotland knows.

It is the ultimate sign of weakness, of a party going nowhere.

In the meantime, their internal review, which is ostensibly about making them stronger as an organisation, looks set to hand resurrection passes to any number of their defeated candidates from the General Election.

So, coming soon to a ballot box near you; The Losers Club.

All the signs point to the Scottish Parliamentary elections being another humiliation on a grand scale for those who’ve already been routed, and rejected, by the Scottish people.

Why would they do this to themselves? Well that one is easy.

A combination of arrogance and entitlement.

On some level these folk still believe the Scottish people made a dreadful mistake, and are ready to rectify it by re-electing scores of the old guard.

I’ll be writing about that later in the week.

For now let us ponder on the banality of Clypegate, coming at a time when the Greek economy is on the verge of collapse with that country’s people forced into penury by a financial system that is well and truly out of control.

At a time when the Tory government is preparing to enact a further £12 billion in cuts to those who have least, whilst they hand out tax cuts to those who have more than enough already.

A time when they’ve abolished child poverty targets and the apparatus needed to bring them down.

We have crisis and cruelty swirling around like spectral shapes from a nightmare.

And Scottish Labour is playing schoolyard games of the most reeking kind.

“Miss, those bad people are talking about me ….”

Infantile. Pathetic.

How low can you go, Labour?

You once stood for something.

What are you even for now?

Keir Hardie would be very proud.

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3 comments to “Rock Bottom”
  1. The words I use for these gravy train, troughing selfish gutless gits are immoral, cruel and even evil, though I follow no religion and evil is a religious construct.

    These people, making actual life determining decisions for the people for whom they hold in utter contempt, are verging on being sociopaths.

    To inflict on the poor, cruel, sadistic and sinister attacks on their lives and livelihoods, can only be described as being deplete in anything close to having a conscience. It’s staggering and extremely concerning that these peolple are in such positions of power. It will not change without a change to the system, and pigs might fly.

  2. Cracking article, James. Nice to see Labour getting another one of the innumerable bollockings they so richly deserve.

  3. Very well written article, however I feel that I must point out some on that list of tweets know their remarks were not clever and in very poor taste but as one included for not even levelling a distasteful remark to the Labour Party but for tweeting that a newspaper was lying for stating vow delivered when it’s clearly not been just proves that some who were accused of being cybernat bullies was an absolute lie which then saw those same people being in turn sought out by some who voted no to hound every tweet made by them therefore Blair McDougall actually made these people victims of bullying!
    Ordinary people being pulled into his sick game when he “named & shamed” who don’t have the same protection his privileged position gives him was wrong, vicious and only caused upset and worry – he in effect became a bigger bully by publishing this list and his position should be questioned fully.
    He should have taken the action of contacting the party HQ and asked them to investigate not put normal ordinary members of the public in the firing line – the only good thing to come from it is even more people now know just how nasty he and the party who employ him are and how much they have fallen from grace! Indeed when our human rights are already under threat from the party they’re supposed to oppose in so many ways including low income family’s help via WTC and British Bill Of Rights etc they should be fighting to gain back respect of voters not proving to everyone just how idiotic they’ve become

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