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Getting Your S(Tory) Straight


Tonight The Sun has announced that it’s backing the Tories for the General Election.

Except in Scotland, where the paper has thrown its weight behind the SNP.

Notice I said weight, but thats with tongue firmly in cheek.

It’s not a great deal of weight to be honest.

Social media is winning this thing just fine on it’s own, thanks very much.

Furthermore, when the polls are predicting that Nicola and Co. will get 50% plus of the votes, it’s a case of backing the certain winner.

Forget these people “moving the tide.”

They, like everyone else, are being swept along in it.

Doubtless the Scottish edition will laud Nicola’s leadership and strategic intelligence, and praise the party policies.

The same things, incidently, they have slated in England.

I find the two front pages especially amusing.

On the first, the English version, they list their three chief reasons why they’re arguing for a Tory vote.

Number two makes me laugh uncontrollably. “Stop The SNP Running The Country.”

At least the barmy boys and girls at The Daily Mail are consistently anti-SNP.

The Sun is anti-Labour, but it has spent the last few months endlessly circulating stories about the risks of having Nicola and Co. at the controls.

This … well someone hasn’t got his story straight.

Oh what fun we’re having … we’ve really got them at sixes and sevens haven’t we?

Enjoy this madness whilst it lasts.

(Its impossible not to.)

There’s a week left to go.

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