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Enjoy The Silence?

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Our magazine, “Enjoy The Silence?”, is out now and you can download it by clicking on the picture above.

The magazine is available free, but we need your support if we’re to keep getting these out to a good standard. We’re going to launch a fund-raiser soon, but in the meantime you can support us by clicking on the Donate button, which can be found on every page, either at the top right or at the bottom, depending on the device you are using.

Thanks in advance for all your support, friends.

24 comments to “Enjoy The Silence?”
  1. First class reading. I look forward to reading more of this excellent new media outlet asap. Best articles I have read in ages. The debate is not over and we have not gone back to sleep. e.g. I recently had my haircut in Irvine town centre, and the hairdresser & I got chatting on family etc. She has a young daughter just left school. ‘Does she fancy hairdressing too?’ I asked, making small talk. ‘OMG! No! She’s going into politics! Wants to get into Westminster or Holyrood’. ‘Really?’ I said, surprised but elated at this news. ‘Oh aye! All I’ve heard out of her for the last year is ‘Mum you’re an idiot. I love you but you’re an idiot, and you know nothing about politics. All her friends are just the same’. ‘Was she very disappointed at the result?’ ‘Christ! It was worse than a death in the family. But she and her pals are more fired up now than ever and they can’t wait for the GE’. That’s fantastic’, I said. ‘I’m so proud to live in a country like Scotland now’. Aye, some of the old ‘No’ yins may be unhappily ‘back in their box’ but not our youngsters! And the future belongs to them, they just need to reach out and grab it.

    • I’m in my sixties, probably one of the few in my agegroup who voted yes. I am delighted to read your post and wish your daughter and her friends all the luck in the world for the future. Scotland has a lot to be proud of in her young people.

      • Bravo! Toni, I’m 78 and my man is 75 we both voted Yes. I have several friends in 70s who also did so though sorry to say have a hang of a lot of Naes in older members of my family. Hope you’ll meet the challenge and vote SNP this time. The older i get the more dangerously I live, but with Care. Aw best

        • Hi Margo, its good to hear that some older people are not afraid of or for the future of Scotland. I work for a shop near the Electoral assessors and on the days before the Referndum we had literally hundreds of 16 and 17 year olds asking for directions to the Registrars. I am so proud of these kids for their passion and intelligence and look forward to a bright future for this nation.

  2. loved it, I’m at page 52 and saving the rest for tomorrow. i can’t afford to donate just now ( biz is crap) cos I just donated to wee ginger dug today, you’re on the list though.
    The article on Muslims was exactly what I’ve been saying for the last five years or so, spot on. Keep going please, loved the Imperial march and the libdem “brit” so much good stuff, bring on the future, bring on change and if we don’t get that change, bring on the people who demand it !

  3. I say it’s about time you turned up.

    Where have you been? Most welcome !!

    I found ‘commentisntfree’ buried in the posts of the Guardian newspaper.

    More people need to read this.

    Thank you !!!

  4. Good luck with this venture I don,t have a paypal account but would like to contribute something ,as I am a pensioner it won,t unfortunately be much.

  5. When I leave the country that I was born & served. I will make sure I switch off the lights. You want rid of nuclear weapons – what will replace the deterrent & the jobs. I hate walking through Glasgow & being accosted by people telling me this is what the SNP want – well I don’t

    • Well Crawford, if we dont have to pay £100 billion for the Trident replacement, we can have our Servicemen and women better paid and supplied with better equipment. We can employ a lot more than we have now, instead of cutting back on our armed forces and paying off our most experienced Service Personel.

  6. Nuclear weapons are not a deterrent, Crawford. Have they deterred the Taliban in Afghanistan? We lost hundreds of soldiers there. Did they think, hold on, they’ve got nukes on the Clyde? No, and neither do IS or Al Qaeda.
    98% of countries do not have nukes and they include countries like ours (NZ, Oz, Canada and most of Europe.)
    Jobs will not go if nukes go. Soldiers’ jobs (and those of other military personnel are going just now and the defence capability of the UK is more severely stretched than ever before. £100 billion could create a helluva lot of jobs in other sectors of the economy.

  7. Cheers for allowing me to subscribe and I hope that you continue with the high standard of writing. SAOR ALBA, CYMRU AGUS EIRE GU BRATH.

  8. james Cormack you have to read more about the real reasons behind the Afghan war and all the other wars,the jewish Rothschids cabal of bankers are behind most of these if not all.Big corporate America driven by insane policies are also involved,get to reading alternative sites you will find them mind blowing.We have many young people that have great hope/vision/drive to see our country turn away from the utterly failed/corrupt/perverted system that has lorded over us for hundreds of years .

  9. Great read although very disturbing .I jist hope aw them filthy criminal bas***ds get their upcomings in the not too distant future, anywye mair power to yer pen.

  10. You are a new discovery for me and from what I have read so far you are certainly well informed (putting it mildly) You are a very brave and strong man. Keep it up and I will donate. I have lots of reading and sharing to do :-))))

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