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Brainless Natives

ad_146439565-e1411204790757There are people who, in debate, treat the opposing arguments with respect.

There are others who treat them with disdain, no matter their merits.

I love to discuss important matters with the first group.

I often get a headache discussing anything with the second.

There is a third group, the Brainless Natives of that country without borders, the Land of the Halfwit.

In their little universe “every opinion is valid”, even if it’s on the level of a six year old child discussing the Law of Thermodynamics.

It’s a place where the “loser” in a debate is the one with the sense to quit first, where logic and facts are not important and where every village has its own idiot.

Debate with them is impossible, because it’s not what they want and they are incapable of sustaining it for long before resorting to insults and cheap jibes.

I can put up with most of that, because you get used to it, especially online where everyone’s a pub philosopher and even the most ludicrous point of view has a willing, hand clapping, toe tapping audience, even if those who are doing the applauding have so few brain cells they rattle in their heads when they walk like a pea in a tin cup.

Stupidity isn’t the worst thing. It’s the hate that really bothers me.

Today I got myself banned from a Facebook page called Boycott the SNP.

It’s honestly not worth checking out, because the moderators are clearly folk on the far fringes of sanity.

The page is nothing but a receptacle for every unionist low-order smear and dirty lie and it seems to get all of its “facts” from a website that shares its name. (Imagine that!)

Today’s helping of excreta was a story about how Ed Miliband was “attacked” by SNP activists.

When did this happen? No idea cause I didn’t read the article.

Did it happen? No clue, but I doubt it as there was no evidence offered to support this rancid, bizarre fantasy, and, as my mate pointed out (before he was banned too, by a moderator who said he couldn’t be bothered offering any proof that this was something other than a pile of bullshit with a Union Jack stuck in the top) there was nothing in the news … which really does tell you all you need to know, as the press would have reported it as an assassination attempt had Miliband tripped over his own shoelaces within sight of an SNP supporter.

Like I said, I didn’t read the story because I refuse to give “hits” to something that is so obviously click-bait, but I didn’t really have to in order to get the gist.

The Facebook page itself is enough to convince me about the kind of people we’re talking about, and the level of “debate” they are interested in fostering.

The most recent post, before the aforementioned “article”, was a statement from the moderator where he expressed one of the most loathsome views you’ll hear anywhere, one that has poured, like bile, out of the mouths of others in the last 12 months, including a couple of elected officials who ought to know better. It’s the “there was once a party in Germany with a similar sounding name …” smear.

The people who would use that argument are low-order bastards who would be ashamed, if shame was part of their psychological makeup. Clearly it isn’t, which makes them sociopathic at best.

There is so much poison in that assertion that it makes you breathless when you consider it.

I am infuriated that some of these appalling cretins live on this planet and I am positively mortified that many of them live in the same country as me.

Seriously, does that even count as a starting place for a debate?

Certainly it has zero legitimacy as a genuine point of view, being so obviously the product of a warped mind.

Yet it’s not just the sheer mind-numbing idiocy of that assertion that bothers me, of course.

Because it’s an offensive suggestion on so many levels, and it angers me, at the same time as it disturbs me that those who would make it are walking about in public instead of being safely behind the bars of a secure unit.

Do they not get it? Do they not realise what they’re doing?

They are trivialising the greatest calamity in the history of mankind. They are comparing the democratically elected government of this country with the most hated regime of all time, the Nazi Party which started a global war and set in motion the evil machine of the Holocaust.

How in God’s name can anyone treat those events with such a cavalier lack of respect?

I cannot fathom the level of loathing for your own country that inspires such comments.

I cannot, for the life of me, work out what goes on in those people’s heads and I really don’t want to.

Getting in there would be like crawling through a sewage outflow pipe and doubtless would prove just as unhealthy.

There is a sickness in that idea that you don’t want to catch.

You know what makes this worse? The knowledge that this is the level of discourse we can expect from now until Election Day, and probably beyond.

The closer we get to that monumental day the more hysterical our opponents become. This is not like the referendum campaign, where we had a brief and beautiful lead in the opinion polls before the numbers started sliding back towards the No camp.

The SNP has been sitting on a sustained, and substantial, lead for months and there is little sign of it abating. The landslide is very much on.

That means things will get worse before they get better.

We on Team Yes will be called every horrible thing they can conceive of.

They will accuse of being enemies of democracy, because we’re not voting the way they want, and they will talk about the basic unfairness of one part of the UK holding the rest to ransom as though London has not been doing that for years.

And yes, loathsome individuals and gutter level sites will create, spread and try to grow every lie and scare story they can water with their own piss.

Throughout all of it, we will be angered and insulted and probably feel that deep sense of frustration that goes with trying to talk sense to someone who is either institutionally stupid or unremorsefully, wilfully ignorant.

But you know what? We’re going to have the last laugh.

A revolution is coming. They can no longer do anything to prevent that, and it scares them to death.

In the end, that’s what the outpouring of hate really represents.

Fear. Fear of change. Fear of the 45% and those who’ve joined us since.

There are 39 days left to go.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

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13 comments to “Brainless Natives”
  1. The hate had always been there for 300years it was just keep hidden as they needed our taxes and income to prop up their corrupt governments dirty wars and dodgy projects as well as their slimy expenses claims while they keep every other nation subjugated and starved of the very things they need ,the new era has set in motion the very idea that their castle may well fall down and the truth is being seen and their corruption is evident to their own people but the people who are the sheep of England will cry rule Britannia at any cost even their own ….It scare the shit out of them that the other 3 nations in this so called union of equals may just break away and their Britannia will fall ….Let it be as we have had enough ,we want our fair share we want to end the corruption and to set in motion a new democratic order without any one nation believing they can be the master over the other 3

  2. well got that of your chest then ha ha calm down just watched a live stream of the SNP conference with so many happy forward looking people attending and Nicola Sturgeons speech would have inspired even the most brain dead cretten you refer to your comments your piece brought back the scenes of George square during the referendum these images made me sick and disgusted to think these people were scottish burning their own flag makes you wonder if care in the community has went too far ha ha keep up the good work enjoy reading your posts

  3. I really don’t get the working class folk, like you and me, who are, possibly like you and me, not natural SNP voters. I get that they don’t normally vote SNP. And I get that they don’t want to join the SNP bandwagon. What I don’t get is that they would decry us that have, because we want genuine change. And not the kind of change the Westminster parties promise us they understand is necessary and that they promise they will deliver. REAL change for ordinary people that Westminster just doesn’t want to give us. Why do normal, working class folk, not want that? Is it some sense of Britishness that a need for change just cannot get over? As I said, I just don’t get them.

    • I do wonder if the idea of socialism re Labour, has been a ruse for a good part of the last century, my dad would be disgusted at liebour now, if he were alive. I say this because we were a v working class family, yet expected fairness and equality for all. I have friends who hail from the labour voting Scottish ‘heartlands’ yet they still hold fast and hate the SNP, I worry very much as they are quite clearly soooo indoctrinated, in many senses of the word, that they really would welcome the apocolypse rather than SNP having a say S of the border, brrrrrr it really is quite chilly, lets hope the sun shines soon!

  4. You’ve wandered into murky waters, James.

    Best to concentrate the mind on something more positive and constructive. You will never win any arguments with their kind of mindset, a product of narrow-minded sectarianism, which is itself a product of Britain’s historical involvement in Ireland. That is what lies at the core of their ‘political’ outlook.

    Rather than being concerned about the Scottish dimension, they are obsessed with the Irish dimension which breaks down into Republican Catholicism versus Unionist Protestantism (Orangeism). Everything they say or do is filtered via that perspective.

    Best to concentrate the mind on something less corrosive.

    • In a great many of the working class unionists what you say here is spot on. However, some working class republican leaning people that I know also voted no. The root of this has been unionist propaganda over many generations and it affects both sides of the sectarian divide and deep down perhaps they simply enjoy the status quo and don’t want to have to learn any new songs?

  5. Glad you posted this.

    I think I’ll keep the url and just post it as a reply to all those I’m tempted just to block.

    We also need to keep sensible folk away from getting dragged into flame wars with these sad individuals, It’s just a waste of time we could be using to talk to reasonable people who are open to discussion: people we might actually persuade, or indeed learn something new from.

  6. I have just been on their page and made a couple of comments, don’t expect to be allowed to tomorrow, since the referendum I used numerous false names due to their banning the opposition practices, now I have been banned from Jim Murphy, Margaret Curran (who recently stated on National TV she started her Facebook page to interact with YES and NO voters) and many others, not once have I been abusive. It’s the British way suppress the opposition and continue to live in the fantasy world all is fine. Good rant BTW I totally know where you are coming from, as you say TICK TOCK..

  7. Sir

    I know of exactly whom you speak. What I cannot understand is why they continue to wallow in this putrid swamp of unfairness, stuck in a cycle of unimaginable poverty with the road out clearly signposted. Yet despite this, they cling to the belief that “I am a Protestant and I know that our (German – they don’t do irony) Queen will see us alright.

    God, give me strength and please, open their eyes.

  8. It is equally as concerning that some of these failed Frankensteinian experiments will have children, and for those poor waifs to be brought up in the poisoned reek that surely these monsters must give off is a tragedy.

  9. You cannot have dialogue with them,the portculliss comes down they are a sad stateless people damned to wander the earth rootless /unloved forever more.They hate others they hate themselves they attack the very institutions that the are “loyal” to and anyone else who might abrupt what they want.GB created this monster and cannot deal with it.

  10. Remember that guy who was kicked out of ukip for denying the holocaust?

    So many who are looking for the dark side, and really they need to be going towards the light!

  11. I read elsewhere – don’t know where – that Miliband had been pushed while getting into his car by 6 louts wearing Alex Salmond masks.

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