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About Us

Comment Isn’t Free is a politics website coming at our readers from the left. We are dedicated to challenging old media bias, holding political representatives to account and to examining the big issues facing our country and the world.

Ambitious, aren’t we?

Because the site is based in Scotland, and was set up around the independence referendum campaign, we keep a very close eye on Scottish political issues … but we’re not exclusive to those.

This site will cover everything from Scottish politics to Westminster issues and beyond.

Our political class keeps us very busy indeed.

The site is run by James Forrest, a blogger, author and general pain in the backside from Glasgow, Scotland, an unreconstructed lefty who thinks the best solution for all the world’s problems would be to send Dan Hodges to the Gaza Strip wearing a sandwich board which has “I Hate Israel” on one side and “I Hate Palestine” on the other.


One comment to “About Us”
  1. No, Israel’s occupation cannot be solved because of the world order. ‘Peace attempts’, eh? You’ve got to love the media for trying with their propaganda.

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