A Moral Absolute

imagesThere are times when I look at politics, and at politicians, and I honestly despair.

I imagine a world where we are huddled, frightened and in the dark and I question the ability of those who presently “lead us” to have the answers which remove the fear and put the lights back on.

There are not many amongst our political class who I trust to hold us together.

We have all gotten used to the idea that our politicians are venal, corrupt charlatans. We have come to expect their lies and their scams and their fiddling. We expect them to lecture us on personal responsibility even as they ignore the reasons they were elected and get busy feathering their nests.

It’s no longer a surprise, far less a shock, when they betray their manifestos, the voters and even their own principles, pandering to the media, neglecting the reasons they were sent to represent us, intent only on representing themselves.

Our political class, like the aforementioned media, is filled to the brim with yellow-bellied, unprincipled dolts. Most people accept this, many without complaint.

I understand this apathy, but surely it does not extend to allowing them to cover each others backs on the subject of child abuse?

All last week I waited for some evidence of widespread public outrage at our political class, looking out for itself, whilst the most appalling, the most evil, rumours swept the country, many of them, unfortunately, grounded in fact.

Tonight, we can say with absolute certainty, that, horrendous as this is to face, as sickening as it is to accept, that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of our children, many of them “in care” – and I use that term loosely, considering what we’re hearing – have been subject to the most vile, the most disgusting mistreatment and there is ample evidence to suggest that our political class has not simply known this for years but that the political system itself has been covering it up, in no small part because some of our parliamentarians are, in fact, involved in the abuse.

There is surely not a scandal that even comes close to this one.

It makes the expenses affair, Leveson, cash for honours, lobbygate and even Iraq look minor league, because all of them are.

The government initially wanted this to go away, and it seems that the opposition was equally keen to see the issue swept under the rug. That isn’t surprising considering the involvement of people like Harriet Harman in promoting paedophile groups back in the 70’s, an affair that was, somehow, allowed to die after a series of pitiful excuses were trotted out, as though “the culture of the time” was so different as to allow flagrant violations of the law, and the corruption of our kids.

That’s what they were making excuses for; let’s stop fucking about here. That’s what Harman and others were putting their names to.

That most of the political and media class have swallowed their craven, unapologetic excuses for what was going on then is shameful.

In case it’s been overlooked, it was the organisation Patricia Hewitt, Jack Dromey and Harriet Harman were working for – the NCCL, not the Paedophile Information Exchange – that called for the lowering of the age of consent to 14. It was their organisation which campaigned, for years, to subject more of our children to the perverted sexual desires of people who ought to have been on the far flung fringes of our society, instead of being given an inside track.

Harman was against anti-child porn laws on the grounds that they were “censorship”.

Hewitt wrote a position paper on policing, where she stated the view that “Conspiring to corrupt public morals is an offence incapable of definition or precise proof.”

Dromey was on their executive committee when PIE was granted affiliate status, to the extent their representatives were allowed to get up in front of the NCCL conference and make a speech in 1977.

Somewhere around that time, PIE sent a letter to MP’s where they claimed children as young as four were capable of giving their consent to have sex. This mind-bending assertion came at a time when the National Council for Civil Liberties had a PIE representation on their Executive Council.

Hewitt is a former cabinet minister. Dromey is now shadow minister for policing. Harman, his wife, is of course Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

Try and take that on board for a second, okay? Try and wrap your brain around what that means. These people were at the heart of an organisation that lobbied for the rights of child abusers. They are now at the heart of politics itself.

This stuff, as well as the news that PIE stored some of its files at the Home Office, should horrify us … but most people have shrugged that off as if it is nothing, as though it’s perfectly normal for the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party to have such baggage, and as though the Home Office were not the government department responsible for policing, for the protection of children and for our intelligence services.

What in God’s name were these people up to? What in God’s name have they presided over, or swept under the carpet, through the years? Why aren’t we clamouring to know?

That Dromey, Harman and Hewitt, as well as those in the Tory Party who were covering up their own scandals, believe they can brass-neck this and stay in office is damning.

Have we really become so distant from the process that we don’t view this as something beyond the pale?

What have we come to when our politicians can hold up their hands to a systematic cover-up of the abuse of our children without our outrage and a demand for heads to roll?

The tendrils of this have ensnared Thatcher, a friend and confidant of more than one paedophile, someone who appears to have taken the abuse of children amongst those around her as matter-of-factly as if these people were smokers.

She allowed them in her cabinet. She named a notorious one as her Parliamentary Private Secretary. She shared New Year’s with the most famous child abuser this land has ever known, the repellent Jimmy Saville.

Yet instead of calling her what she undoubtedly was – at best an apologist for these people and at worst … well, that covers a lot of ground – people are making excuses for her too. I understand their reluctance. Some of them lionised this evil woman. It must be truly sickening for many of her staunch defenders to realise what some of us have long known; that she was a thoroughly despicable, immoral creature who crawled out of a gutter into the highest office in the land.

The notion that the Prime Minister had people like this around her and that she was not fully informed of this, by her political staffers, the police or the intelligence services is nonsensical. The potential for blackmail was enormous, which is why the notion they kept these facts from her “to protect her” is laughable and an insult to our collective intelligence.

Do they think we were all fucking born yesterday?

Equally despicable is the cabinet secretary who said last week that he understood the system wanting to “protect itself.” He should be stripped of his title, his pension and his status at once for making such a profoundly dishonourable statement.

For what is this system they want to protect worth if it allows such abuse? Has it not become something that should be torn down, rather than defended? What kind of logic is that, but the most twisted?

The “inquiry” that’s been launched already reeks of the whitewash. The only consolation some of us can take is in that it will no longer be headed up by Lady Butler-Sloss, who believed she could avoid having to recuse herself despite her brother being in the Tory cabinet during some of the timeframe under investigation.

When allegations surfaced in public at the weekend (they’ve been talked about, in private, for a long time) that he is implicated as one of the abusers she had no choice but to go, but it stinks to high heaven that she was ever appointed in the first place, when so many in the Westminster Village and beyond knew about these rumours.

Notwithstanding that, the inquiry itself is a fraud, designed to offer the appearance that this is being taken seriously, but this is an illusion.

This inquiry has already been rendered toothless by its inability to question people under oath. It has been neutered by a remit limited to finding out what public bodies could have done better, instead of being focussed on what happened, who was involved, who knew about it and who covered it up. These bastards have already fixed it so no real investigation will take place.

A handful of MP’s have called for a wider inquiry, with judicial powers, a budget like the Leveson Inquiry and the claws to dig in and get to the root of this issue.

They are being ignored by the government, but this is only possible because of the silence of their peers, on all sides of the House, those who I would label co-conspirators unless they act to prove otherwise.

This is what I find most offensive in relation to the way this is being handled. For hundreds of our representatives there is not even the slightest concern about all this. They feel no moral imperative to get to the bottom of this scandal. Indeed, for one reason or another (and one of those reasons is guilt, because some of them must be involved in abuse) they would rather it all went away again.

Unless they are deep in this scandal themselves what possible reason do they have for not supporting the fullest, most extensive, examination of this whole affair?

There are issues even beyond the abuse itself. Was it covered up by people who then used that information to influence political decision making? Has this tainted our whole political process? That particular question does, itself, merit a full investigation, as it has possibilities too ghastly to fully contemplate soberly.

What are we about if we allow this to fade out of memory? If there was ever an issue that demanded our engagement in the process surely this is it?

I have been harassing my parliamentarians over this, and you should too. There is no excuse not to. This is about the well-being and safety of our kids here. This is about a culture of abuse that goes right to the top. You cannot wring your hands and condemn from the side-lines when you could be writing a letter or sending an email and you’ve failed to do it. Public opinion might yet still move this thing.

The truth is, though, this can of worms only opens from the inside.

There are people out there right now who are not involved in the abuse, but they know about it, and they know who is.

They are sitting on that information for various reasons, but none of those reasons, whatever the fuck they might be, are even close to being justified.

There are newspaper people, whose job is to expose corruption and hold these people to account, who will not write about it.

There are police officers who will not press the issue with their superiors. There are lawyers who will not write indictments and prosecutors who will not support them.

There are drivers and bodyguards and other officials who have overlooked the fact that their remits do not extend to covering up violations of the law, and who have a duty that exceeds that to their patrons to expose these people for what they are.

You are cowards and hypocrites who can only sleep at night because you have never heard the screams of the kids, because you have never sat in a room with an abuse victim and saw them flinch every time you raise your hand, because you have never comforted a child who’s woken from a nightmare that never actually ends. You have never looked these people in the face, you have blocked them from your mind and you get on with the job.

What is your job worth? What is your advancement worth compared to the innocence of a child? Do you have kids yourself? Imagine it happened to them. Is there anything you wouldn’t do to keep them safe?

What are you actually doing to protect your own kids, in allowing such creatures to go about their business as though they belonged in society?

There are Members of Parliament sitting on the same benches as the worst sort of monsters, people who breeze around this country smug and self important but who their colleagues would not knowingly allow to sit with their own kids for even five minutes.

Do these silent individuals value the sanctity of their own little private members club so highly that they cannot bear to rock the boat, and have these people named and shamed and ejected from public life?

What in God’s name did they go into politics for? Was protecting paedophiles part of the job description? Is that what it takes to get in there? Are those kind of questions part of the interview criteria? Is loyalty to party dependent on covering up for these fuckers?

There is no good they will ever do in their careers, no bill they will ever pass, no law they will ever make, that justifies their silence or their craven acquiescence with this scandal.

The government inquiry is leading nowhere, and certainly not to the truth. If it keeps its narrow remit, if it is allowed to be constricted and constrained, then there is no road to justice via this path. In order for the truth to emerge people are going to step out of the shadows and come forward, and put their own reputations on the line.

They are going to have to tell everything they know, to whoever will listen, whatever it costs them. It’s as simple as that.

Without it, the victims will forever go un-heard, the sins against them unpunished and all that is right and good un-avenged. It is a moral absolute, that rarest of things that requires no equivocation or room for doubt.

Because unless the people responsible for this are brought to justice, whoever they are and wherever they hide, the stains of this will never go away and the next generation, your kids and their kids, will never be safe.

That is simply unacceptable. We owe it to them to see this through, and to the end, no matter who is involved, no matter how high it goes, no matter what “institutions” come crashing down or who’s reputations are destroyed.

These people cannot be allowed to get away with this.

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  1. the paedo government will never tell the truth.we will have to rely on the testimony of the victims who chose to tell all to good websites like chris spivey.wouldnt it be great with no more houses of parliament and no more german skidmarks that think they rule over us and live in buck house.theyer all evil cunts.they shouldn’t see the light of day again.

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