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A Grotesque Realisation

george-osborne-pic-pa-547365686The bombs weren’t falling on Syria for more than 48 hours before a home grown psychopath was using them as an excuse to attack innocent people.

Whilst the police were still investigating the incident Labour MP John Cryer, who voted against airstrikes, was on TV saying that linking the two was “dangerous.”

I understand his point, but I fundamentally disagree with him.

The maniac responsible referenced our actions in Syria specifically, so that link was clear, and present, and a contributory factor in his attack.

A ticking bomb he might have been, but those airstrikes are what caused the explosion.

It saddens me that one of our central concerns was proven valid so quickly, and I am grateful we don’t live in a country where easy access to firearms would have made this a deadly incident instead of just a horrendous one.

I am not going to spend this whole piece haranguing the MP’s who voted for the bombing; my last article covered those people pretty well, but I’ll tell you; the number of them who have run, bleating, to the press about the way members of the public, and in particular their own constituents, are treating them is indicative of the mind-set that produced the expenses scandal and a raft of other dodgy behaviours.

There’s an arrogance that permeates Westminster which really is quite incredible.

These people really do think of themselves as being a class above the rest of us, and the notion that they have to explain themselves at all is fundamentally counter to their self-image. It offends me, and I’m sure a lot of you as well.

But they don’t care about that.

They view us with contempt, and if some of them are occasionally removed from the gravy train in elections that doesn’t fill the rest with as much trepidation as it probably should.

Most of them don’t even have any loyalty to their own party, as is being made crystal clear by those who are fixated on avoiding automatic re-selection by Labour, because representing the public is bad enough but God forbid they have to explain themselves and their actions to the members of the organisation they allegedly represent.

I am angry with all of them, but deep down I suspect that it’s nothing compared to how some of them feel towards themselves.

Because although we’re only a week down the line, many of them must already know they were duped, or allowed themselves to be, by Cameron and the appalling and immoral government he leads.

The vote had barely been had before Michael Fallon was announcing that the campaign wouldn’t be over quickly.

When asked if it would take “months” he said that was doubtful.

He’s since said it could take anything up to three years … so this isn’t a case of working towards a settlement or trying to erode ISIS capabilities at all.

There’s no over-arching military strategy here, no operational concept for defeating or even seriously degrading ISIS.

It doesn’t take three years to manage that.

There’s certainly no plan to “win the peace.”

This is embarking on something with no end in sight, using horrifying weapons, it appears to me, just to clear them off the shelves.

The “70,000 fighters” claim has been blown apart too, after Fallon’s own department was said to have told Cameron not to rely on that figure.

He’s since admitted that it’s not a cohesive whole but a number of “disparate groups.”

In the fullness of time, I expect that every single plank of the government’s case is going to be shown up as little more than a barefaced lie.

In the meantime, Cameron is pleased. Osborne is even more fulfilled, as he made clear during his appearance in front of the right-wing US think-tank The Council For Foreign Relations, where he said the vote was a “source of real pride” for him and the government.

He went on, “Britain has got its mojo back and we are going to be with you as we reassert Western values, confident that our best days lie ahead.”

“Britain has got it’s mojo back …”

If there was a contest for the most grotesquely offensive thing uttered by a politician on this side of the Atlantic recently (I have to add that qualifier, because otherwise we’d be handing Donald Trump some kind of gong every other day) then that surely would take home the prize.

But in those words lies, at least, a core of truth.

Because this is what the House was really voting on last week, and as usual it’s taken a Tory, shorn of shame and willing to bask openly in the glory of making war, who’s come right out and said so.

Not for Osborne the fraudulent appeals to emotion rather than intellect which we saw from the likes of Hilary Benn, whose week, in the shadow of the bombing, has been the best of his utterly inconsequential career, and who the media have rushed, with a hilarious desperation, to christen Labour’s next “leader in waiting”.

(I suppose that’s after Dan Jarvis, Chukka Umunna, Yvette Cooper, Tristam Hunt, Andy Burnham and all the others who the press have stuck with the label … and that’s just in the last few weeks. It really is embarrassing reading absolute hogwash like this day in day out.)

So this partly comes down to “Western values” again, those that are best exported in the belly of a bomber.

Reduced to this, to our re-entry to a global dick-swinging contest where the prestige is in taking part and not necessarily about the size of your member, what pride there must be amongst the cadre of Labour MP’s who thought this was an issue of conscience.

Osborne has shown them up as the gullible fools that they are.

Aside from the usual financial assistance to the arms industry, this was about two things; Britain’s “place in the world” and making the Labour leadership look weak on national defence.

That so many of their own party are quite aware of that and were willing to go along with it anyway is disgusting.

More than anything, it reveals again, as if we needed reminding, that there is something horribly wrong with the British psyche that our “mojo” depends on the killing of foreigners with dark skin and strange unpronounceable names.

On a night like this I can’t help wondering how some of the 55% feel watching this stuff.

Because when I go to bed at night, with all this going on, I am comforted by four little words;

Not in my name.

And not in my country’s either.

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5 comments to “A Grotesque Realisation”
  1. Hi James

    Thank you for your article.

    …” how some of the 55% feel watching this stuff .”

    At some point everyday, I ask myself this question, everyday we see reasons to step in the 45. But unfortunately it looks like few do.
    As long as these people are not personnaly touched they won’t change their mind .
    For me : all the reasonable,sensitive community centered Scots are already in the 45 but what saddely and I stress it, gives me hope is that debate on the EU and rumours of attacking pensions by Westminster.
    No farmers, small landowners will see with a good eye 60% of their remuneration being transfered to Westminster decisions & goodwill if Uk leaves the Union.
    No pensionners will accept cuts whithout doing something.
    Here we could find the 290 000 ballots or so that will make the difference.

    To see their sons & daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, … not having the life and not expecting the same future they had do not bother the laters obviously.
    How can you expect these people who had the possibility to work all their life in a “privileged” environment to understand that even when you get up early, when you do your very best to have a decent life : nothing happens really for the many. This is not the model they had… and they “know better” due to their old arteries… “work hard and you will succed” is not something relevant these days for most of us.
    How can you provide jobs for a growing population where progress and automatisation nibble the cake, how can people could think that there will be sustainable jobs for all when themselves take everyday the short cut of progress and damage an already shrinking market. And worst we have for years now these ghost expensive positions, mainly at a managing level which are useless, they need 3 guys for what was a single position years ago.
    Progress and its implementers should not take from one hand what they give from the other …

    What do you think of a 4 days/week working position, supressing the hourly rate and replacing it with a daily one, backed on a daily or weekly task to achieve ….???

    Sometimes rumours are enough to fear people and make them change their mind so a kind of hope is there.

    Ironically here, Landowners of any kind are as well threatened by an Independent Scotland that would redistribute the land than a UK out of the EU .

    Will this Independent Scotland be governed by the SNP …?
    So far the Land Reform is a fart in the air and without the aloud voices of their basis SNP is tempted to a kind of status quo that will be damageable. At least the democratic process and frees speech seem to be the norm …
    Without easy access to land, without the hope of a sustainable place to live on, there is no Nation as such.
    As a French ans Scottish resident for 3 years, I very often wonder how on earth this will be possible without fighting. You might enlight my views but I do not remember a single country in History where Land redistribution was granted without a revolution and I mean not a peacefull one.

    “Jumping from the cockerel to the donkey “.( I quite like this french proverb literaly transcript 😉

    What do you think of this counting e-machines that will be dealing with our vote in the near future election in Scotland? I do not want it … So far the voting system is a real joke without the ” one person one vote “rule, so far the “Electoral Commission” with its managers overpaid with our money ( have you seen the board and the wages ?? disgracefull ) did not sweat reliability ….

    I think we are witnessing a real turning point for the SNP , they hit the wall with their shy reforms and they have to quickly show something before SNP voters like me start looking in another direction … what they have done is remarkable, for three years I worked hard convincing people around me to get interested in politics, to back the SNP … but Independence without a universal access to Land is useless. Independence with the parody of Justice we have seen this week is useless.

    Why would I live in an Independent country facing the same injustice ?

    Thank you for sharing your articles, I wish I could help with a wee bit of money but unfortunately my mind at the moment is just trying to find a way for the tax office not to get on my back at the end of January 😉
    Surely later.

    Take care

  2. Hello
    Can you translate for a Swiss living since 20 years on Arran what a Mojo means? I can’t find it in my Collins Dictionary. Neither can I find a definition elsewhere.

    • mojo means charm or charisma, hes basically saying that britain had no balls and now we’ve got them back. so lock up your daughters…………………..or david cameron might bomb them too 🙂

  3. There will be no reaction from the No camp,they are beyond the pale and have been for over 300yrs,England knew what they were doing all those years ago,they ripped the heart and soul from this country,they tried the same with Ireland but they are made of sterner stuff,hence the reason the Irish and their offspring are hated up here,they couldn,t ever defeat them and we in Scotland well a large rump here in Scotland cannot re-concile with this basically we lack bottle.

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